International Yoga Day, June 21, 2021

Human life is a cluster of contradictions – our body benefits from movement whereas our mind from stillness. However, this stillness too comes from within. Inner peace begins the moment our soul decides to tread on the path of equanimity. Yoga is the beacon realization that directs one on this ride. It is not a practice of merely touching your toes, but the art of understating what you learn on the way down.
Our school celebrated International Yoga Day on 21stJune wherein programs were put up to spread awareness and instill in young minds the importance of peace and positivity in life. Children of Grade 1 presented a colourful assembly depicting, the importance of yoga. The parents took part in the event too.
We, as responsible adults have taken an initiative to lead our children in the journey of positivity by lighting the flame of yoga – a flame which once ignited will only continue to glow brighter.