Imagine, Invent and Inspire.

12 Jan 2021 saw the dawn of Explorica 2- the much awaited school exhibition.Explorica 2 truly got the students to imagine, inspire and invent- the theme of Explorica. The students presented an amazing array of 120 videos on various topics in all subjects- English, French, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Art, Computer Science and Physical Education. From the exhibit on Harappan civilization in Social Science to the Opposites in English, the exhibits were intelligently conceived, meticulously prepared and perfectly presented. Explorica kindled in the students a scientific temperament and an enthusiasm and curiosity beyond the pages of the text books.

The virtual programme was a grand culmination celebrating the success of Explorica 2. The Chief guest of the programme, Mr Amal Dev J, DST-INSPIRE Fellow, Solid Earth Research Group, National Center for Earth Science Studies , inaugurated the exhibition and congratulated the children on their excellent exhibits. Dr VK Jayakumar Chairman and Dr Sabareesh Director spoke on the ceremonious occasion.

Glimpses of various exhibits, select videos of presentations and an interesting presentation called Legendary Persona which showed the great personalities who changed the world with their inventions, discoveries, and writings were the highlights of the programme.

Darren Antony of Grade 3 welcomed the audience, Devika Binu of Grade 8 carried the show with her eloquent anchoring and Annika Kiran presented the vote of thanks.