Our two children attend SIST and we have been amazed at what they are learning. The environment was enjoyable, safe and clean. All the teachers and staff are so loving and caring. We are so beyond grateful to be a part of this beautiful group and blessed that our children love going here! We appreciate their efforts to help our children grow socially and in their academic skills.
Anil Issac and Vindhya Anil​
Parents of Alan Anil Issac (GR 6) and Alaina Anil Issac (KG 1)
The experience for each child at Sabarigiri International will be unique. It doesnt come with the age old teaching methods, where all the students are pushed into the same mould...some succeed some fail mercilessly.
Dr Gouri K Parvathy
At Sabarigiri you can have your child evolve into caring and intelligent individuals. The school has helped my child every step of the way and it is an impressive amount of effort the management and faculty has put in for his development. Equal importance is given for curricular and co curricular activities and the child is allowed to bloom at his own pace.
Parent of Arun Dev Narayan Grade 3
No matter whom our children grow up into, memories of their school life will reflect as something they can love and cherish in their minds. Sabarigiri school and its teachers work towards lovingly creating such memories in the minds of their students, so that they can go out to the world as a proud Sabarigirian, look back and smile at the happy days they spent at school.