School Fees

Dear parents and well wishers,
We have an important announcement to all. Considering the Covid 19 pandemic scenario and the current financial stress in the community, as part of social commitment the school management has decided to lower the school fees from 2021 October 1st. However the present fees structure will continue from the month of September. We hope all parents will welcome this and support the school in the best interest of their children.

This Fees structure will take effect only from 1st of September 2021

Play Class12000120001200036000
KG 1 & KG 214000140001400042000
Grade 1 to 416800168001680050400
Grade 5 to 718000180001800054000
Grade 8 to 1019000190001900057000

Note: 1st Term fee to be paid before 7th June, 2nd Term fee to be paid before 7th October, 3rd Term fee to be paid before 7th February. After 7th of June, October & February a fine of Rs.100/- per day will be collected. Parents who can pay the entire fee together will be given a discount. Collection of fees is authorised to the cashier of the school alone.
Date : 24.09.2021