Our School

Far from the hustle and bustle of Trivandrum city, Sabarigiri International School is situated in the most picturesque and placid milieu of Njandoorkonam, near Powdikonam. It has all the elements blended into provide the most congenial rich environment for experiential learning. We, at Sabarigiri , believe that education is not just about books and theoretical learning only, but much more beyond that. Children progress faster in learning not by being mechanically drilled in a preordained manner, but by doing work, by experimenting with things, and thereby changing them in purposive ways. 

A visionary in the field of education and an able leader, Dr. V.K.Jayakumar, founded this school with the support of the general public.  Beginning with a handful of students, it has blossomed fast into a mature educational institution of international standard.

The school stands for the holistic development of the students. All its
activities are underpinned by profound philosophy of education that emphasizes the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and moral development of students.

The school lays stress on co-curricular activities like sports and games, martial arts, swimming, yoga, music, and art. Special attention is paid to the development of soft skills like communication, team work and cooperation.  Life skills are also developed through the conduct of various workshops, training programmes and the inbuilt curriculum followed by the school.  A concern for the less privileged and a genuine interest for social service are cultivated among the students through socially oriented exposure programmes.