Thank you for visiting the Sabarigiri international School website.

Our website is often one of the first means through which parents reach out to us; the possible starting point of a long and rewarding association. Take a glimpse into what we are proud to call one of the best international schools in trivandrum, that offers CBSE curriculum.

Being at the helm of an educational institution is a privilege and responsibility that adds a new dimension of purpose, challenge and meaning to one’s life. Transforming the careers of our students is what every member of the institution cares about day in and day out, even beyond professional obligations. When our students’ curiosity is fueled, when they are motivated to question, scrutinize, dissect and refine every idea that has been introduced to them, when they approach every situation from a point of leadership, compassion and open-mindedness, we know that we have succeeded. However, staying on track towards our goal and achieving an outcome of this scale is extremely challenging. And that is what makes being a part of SIST so worthwhile.

Our Principal, Inspirers (teachers) and staff are the true heroes of our institution who are training whole new generations of model citizens themselves. It takes a village to raise a child. Each of us here at SIST are fully committed to bringing up a child to her/his fullest potential, during their stay here. Our approach considers the cultural differences of students from various countries and current global scenarios. It is our differences that contain the charge to help us realise goals that are prodigious and beneficial to the world. Every year, our students proudly surpass all our expectations with their intelligence, ingenuity, hard work, and compassion.

I thank you for taking out your time to visit our website. Pay a visit to our campus to experience SIST for yourself.

Dr Sabareesh Jayakumar

MSc MD Medicine