Class Structure

Play class

From the mother’s lap the tender kid comes to the second mother, the loving teacher. Safety of the child is the prime concern. Children are kept happy always.

KG 1 & KG 2

Every child is much more than a very precious and valuable jewel. Children are given training in all basic lessons of good manners and behaviour. The conventional way of teaching is replaced by experiential learning of basics of prime subjects.  The attractive classrooms are duly provided with all modern technological devises. Children happily learn the basic lessons by the play-way method of teaching. The initiative, care and concern of the teacher build-up the bondage with children.


Primary level is the most crucial period in the early education of a person. Actually the very foundation of knowledge is built there. The personal integrity of the child is to be evenly developed here. The activity based and child friendly setup encourages the child to be more inquisitive and enthusiastic pleasant. It is here where the child learns to discard his personal inhibitions and gains more personal confidence to identify his God given talents. The learn technology as well in early primary classes itself.

Middle Class

Middle class level is also equally important. This is the time to identify the merits and demerits of the child’s study progress. The role of parent in bring up the child is doubly important. Character and behaviour development need more attention. The child must slowly develop interest in his future career with appropriate guidance. This is the time when he/she has to develop competitive spirit to participate in various events.

Co-curricular activities

Physical education is given due importance. The school has spacious play ground and facilities for the following:

1. Foot ball, 2. Basket ball, 3. Cricket, 4. Table tennis, 5. Shuttle badminton, 6. Karate,
7. Roller skating, 8. Yoga, 9. Chess etc..

Art forms

            Music (Indian and Western), vocal and instrumental (Keyboard, violin, guitar)

            Various dance forms, drama, drawing, painting and sculpture etc.. are taught by selected teachers.