About Us

Sabarigiri International School Trivandrum is a gateway that opens minds to new perspectives, eyes to broader vistas and doors to manifold opportunities. The key to your future awaits you at Sabarigiri International School.

A place of joyful learning! Our doors are open to you. And with you, we will seek to inspire, guide and learn with your children.

Our ethos are good, contemporary yet traditional, strict with importance placed on discipline and respect, and at the same time we have an approachable atmosphere, making each student feel welcome and at home. Visit our school and meet the principal and our inspirers.  You will be convinced beyond doubt in their capabilities.

Keeping in mind the requirements of parents and expats who shift countries frequently and to enable seamless transition of students from one institution to another, Sabarigiri International School offers admission throughout the year subject to fulfilment of admission criteria, availability of seats and payment of fees. Our curriculum is customized for each child to make the adjustment as smooth as possible.

Admission assessment interactions are student friendly and is adapted to suit each child’s unique ability, personality and knowledge. This may be administered by way of a written test or a conversation with the student to understand their grasp of syllabus.

Together we inspire a love of learning, empowering all students with courage, confidence, creativity and compassion; to make their unique contribution in a diverse and dynamic world.

Why Sabarigiri International School Trivandrum?

Children are born special – Every child is precious and unique. They just need the right global platform to blossom. Here children are not just nurtured. They are developed holistically. The students here could choose their path according to their aptitude to become responsible, ambitious and successful individuals.

We have handipicked, efficient, experienced & committed faculty to nurture them. We provide Smart digital interactive classrooms and training in music, dance and craft which inculcates Indian values with a global outlook.  Physical education and training is at its best.

Sabarigiri is the educational destination for your child.